AS 60 W INOX 0,8 mm

Extra-fine, high-performance INOX cutting disc with 0.8 mm thick-ness. The right coice for quicly cutting thin-wallet materials.

  • Work progresses quickly thanks to incredibly high cutting performance
  • Particularly smooth-running cutting disc
  • Fine, smooth cut with minimal contact pressure
  • Depressed centre for good stability
  • Low-burr to burr-free cutting with limited sparking
  • Iron- and sulphur-free

Field of application: For thin sheet metals, fine steel cables, thin-walled profiles and stainless steel pipes, steel, non-ferrous metals and composite materials (glass-reinforced plastics).

Ø in mmØ in inchesRPM min-1PUShapeItem codeEAN Code
115 x 0.8 x 22.234 1/2 x 0.030 x 7/81330025ED AS 60 W 1154255705102610
125 x 0.8 x 22.235 x 0.030 x 7/81220025ED AS 60 W 1254255705102627