Welcome to Edelco

Since 1962 Wunsiedel, a small town in Northern Bavaria, has been the origin and the headquarter, not only of first-class abrasive tools, but also of longtime international cooperation and enthusiastic users worldwide.

Edelco has been founded in 2023 to continue the rich tradition and this spirit, that has been present for more than 60 years.

Because we think, that close and trustful relationships are the foundation of success. The “Edel” in our name comes from the place Wunsiedel, our local heritage, where we are deeply rooted. Our heritage speaks to our dedication, building enduring partnerships with our partners.

Also, Edel in German means classy, reflecting the essence of our products: Classy in Performance, classy in safety and classy in value for money. For satisfied users worldwide.

Our products are manufactured in cooperation with longtime experienced producers. That do not only fulfil highest quality demands, but also our commitment to quality and value for money.

The idea of “Co” in Edelco stands for worldwide cooperation and friends in abrasives. Our motto is “Friends in Abrasives”, a passion, that we live since more than 30 years and sets us apart in the market.

Certified safety

The factories are audited and certified by the Organization for the Safety of Abrasives.

Our products show the oSa mark, the symbol of safety.

Edelco products are manfactured according to the strictest regulations worldwide. They comply to:

EN 12413

European safety standard for cutting and grinding discs.

EN 13743

European safety standard for bonded abrasives.

EN 13236

European safety standard for diamond tools.

DIN ISO 13942, 603-16, 6103, 15635

Dimensions, tolerances and unbalance.

Modern logistics

A modern logistics warehouse with the appropriate infrastructure and automated warehousing ensures complete and timely deliveries – to the satisfaction of our customers. Intelligent software enables transparent logistics.